Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Puppy

After researching the best breed of dog for your family and finding just the perfect puppy, it is finally time to bring the new member of your family home. In order to make bringing a puppy home as memorable as possible (in a good way), take a few simple steps to prepare for your puppy’s homecoming

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How to Choose a Vet for Your Puppy

When bringing a new puppy into your home, one of the first orders of business should be to choose a puppy vet that will oversee your puppy’s health. There are a number of shots and vaccinations that need to be given to a young puppy and many cities have mandatory rabies vaccination requirements, so for both legal reasons and for ...

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Choosing the Breed of Your New Puppy

Deciding on a puppy as a new addition to your family will one that will have a long term affect for you and a lifelong decision for the dog you choose. It is important to take careful consideration when deciding on the type of dog breed to bring into your home. Below are a few items to consider. How much room ...

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Tips for Crate Training Puppies

Many people have a misconception of crate training puppies. They see it as punitive and feel that they are locking the dog away. However, crate training is one of the safest places for your new puppy and will drastically speed up his training. Dogs have a natural instinct to place themselves in a den and a crate is the closest ...

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Tips for Feeding Puppy

After the exciting process of choosing a puppy, the responsibility of care and training begins. Feeding puppy questions are some of the most frequently asked questions new puppy owners have. A responsible dog owner wants to ensure that their puppy retains optimum health and the wide variety of dog foods on the market can be overwhelming. When walking through aisle after ...

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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs and Puppies

No matter what the location or the type of dog that you have, one area that all puppy owners will have to address is flea control. Fleas on dogs are tiny, wingless bloodsucking inset that attach themselves to pets. When the fleas bite the animal, saliva is entered into the pet’s blood stream. An allergic reaction to this saliva is ...

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How to Potty Train Puppy

When potty training puppy, it is important to create a routing and stick to it. One of the most effective ways to house break a dog is by utilizing the crate in the training process. A dog won’t relieve himself where he sleeps, so until he is house broken, he either needs to be in his . . .

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Stop Puppy From Chewing

The first few days or weeks after you bring your adorable puppy home can be pure bliss. He is so sweet that you can’t imagine him ever doing something destructive. However in no time at all, he will be off exploring his new world and most likely your puppy will be chewing things along the way . . .

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How to Socialize Your Puppy

When bringing a new puppy home and making him part of your family, socialization of the puppy is vital. It is common knowledge that different breeds of dogs can react in different ways to strangers.a Some dogs will ignore people they don’t know entirely. Some become aggressive, and others make a friend of everyone that they meet. Some puppies will immediately ...

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How to Find a New Puppy

So you’ve decided to get a new puppy. It is an exciting time and with careful planning, can lead to years of enjoyment and companionship. Once you’ve decided on the type of breed is the best fit for your family and lifestyle, the next major decision is where to find your puppy. With all of the options available, finding puppy.

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Get An Indoor Dog Potty

One new challenge of all new puppy owners is the task of potty training their dog. House breaking a dog takes consistency and being attentive to your puppy’s needs so that you can be sure to let him out as soon as he needs to relieve himself. For those who work long hours, live in an apartment or a cold. An indoor dog potty can be a solution to this problem.

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